Haze Ambiance Overlays

This set includes 20 overlays for adding hazy ambiance effects to your photos. Each overlays comes in both .jpg and .psd format, at 5400 pixels by 3600 pixels. The .psd file includes all of the 20 overlays in their own layers, so you can insert your photo and preview each effect very quickly. You can also create unique effects by combining multiple overlays, adjusting opacity, and experimenting with different blend modes.

This overlay set is a great way to add a subtle effect to your photos without doing any editing that will create overpowering effects. They work well with a wide variety of photos, but tend to get the best results with outdoor photos like landscapes and outdoor portraits. The preview image below shows a thumbnail of each haze ambiance photo overlay. They work with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, and the .jpg files can be used with any photo editor that supports layers.

Product Details:
Compatible with: Photoshop and PSE
Items included: 20 overlays in .psd and .jpg format


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