Film Pack IV Lightroom Presets by Bellevue Avenue

20 Film Lightroom Presets (BA Film 061-080)

Film Pack IV Bellevue Avenue features a variety of rich and heavy, soft & subtle, and dusty film tones with a hint of grain.

These presets do not touch your Exposure or White Balance sliders, giving you ultimate control over your base clean edit before applying lightroom presets.

If you want to know how to install lightroom presets, you can read this our tutorial: How to install lightroom presets step by step.

Lightroom presets are a core part of many photographers workflow but many others don’t understand what Presets are or how they could benefit from using them. This article answers the question what are Lightroom presets and explains how you can use them.

Just what are Lightroom Presets

If you are using Adobe Lightroom to enhance or edit your images then you will be familiar with the Develop module. Here you can make an almost infinite level of adjustment to variables including exposure, contrast, colour and many others. It’s then possible to save these settings as a preset for later use. These saved settings are known as Lightroom Presets.

NOTE: These are NOT Photoshop Actions

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