Inspiration Lightroom Presets –

MCP Inspiration combines the versatility of our Inspire actions with the speed and simplicity of Lightroom. We took the most popular aspects of Inspire and created a set of streamlined workflow presets for Lightroom. While it’s impossible to make photos edited with Lightroom presets look exactly like photos edited with Photoshop, we think that Inspire actions fans will be happy with the results.

MCP Inspiration presets put a timeless twist on the latest trends (think Vintage Chanel, not shoulder pads!) Love the muted tones of a matte image? Obsessed with bright, airy edits? Prefer bold, rich, high-contrast looks? Whatever your current post-processing passion is, MCP Inspiration has an action that can help you embrace and enhance the latest trends while staying true to your own personal style.

Inspiration begins with the Brilliant Base presets, which provides a clean and well-balanced image in both color and black-and-white. The finished result is strong enough to stand alone, or it can act as the perfect foundation for your favorite effects.



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