– Bohemian Collection

Preset Information

Elegant . Beautiful . Graceful . Unique

Add a touch of the ‘boho’ look to enhance and beautify your photographs! Bohemian for Lightroom has a grand total of 77 presets. What separates this pack from the rest is the ability to choose between 12 tonal bases. You may want a soft look, contrast look, or just a natural look. Simply choose your base and then move onto the 17 colour presets themselves. Each colour preset comes with a matte effect also, so you can simply navigate to the matte or non matte effect that you want. Lastly you can choose to apply a haze or tone to finish it off. This pack offers you a huge range of effects that are designed to give your images a beautiful and pretty boost. – COMPATIBLE WITH LR 4 + 5 (results may vary if used with lr3)

Included are the following:




Clear Contrast

Clear Contrast + Highlight Fix


Contrast + Highlight Fix

Contrast Deeper


Natural + Highlight Fix

Natural + Shadow Boost

Natural + Soft

Soft + Highlight Fix

Soft + Shadow Boost

Soft + Silky


Boho | Boho Matte

Boho II | Boho II Matte

Chic | Chic Matte

Ethereal | Ethereal Matte

Festival | Festival Matte

Festical II | Festival II Matte

Floral Crown | Floral Crown Matte

Gypsy | Gypsy Matte

Herbal | Herbal Matte

Lace | Lace Matte

Lace Floral

Lace Floral | Matte

Love | Love Matte

Peace | Peace Matte

Raindance | Raindance Matte

Skinny Jeans | Skinny Jeans Matte

Spirit | Spirit Matte

Sugar | Sugar Matte

Sun Dust | Sun Dust Matte

Sweets | Sweets Matte |Sweets II

Traveller | Traveller Matte

Wild | Wild Matte


Haze | Blue

Haze | Mint

Haze | Pink

Haze | Purple

Haze | Red

Haze | White

Haze | Yellow

Tone | Blue

Tone | Mint

Tone | Pink

Tone | Purple

Tone | Red

Tone | Yellow



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