– Mastin Labs Kodak Portra Pack

Powerful film emulation presets to speed up your workflow and make your digital images have the subtle beauty and depth only film can provide. Mastin Labs Portra Pack contains film emulsions from Kodak’s most advanced set of color negative films: Portra 160, Portra 400, and Portra 800. Portra films are known for their excellent skin tones and natural warmth, which makes this series of film the most popular film for portraiture and editorial work.

This pack includes:

Portra 160 Film Base

Portra 400 Film Base

Portra 800 Film Base

All Hard

All Soft

Highlight Hard

Highlight Soft

Shadow Hard

Shadow Soft

35mm Grain

Medium Format Grain

Reset Grain

Lens Corrections On

Lens Corrections Off



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