– The Bliss Preset Collection

The Bliss Collection

Each collection is created to accent the season’s images. This is a set designed to work beautifully with the tones of winter.

cashmere- bright and a bit contrasty

sassafrass- a tad yellow and nicely bright with a hint of contrast

hot chocolate- dark with red undertones, use with the adjustment brush

goosebumps- fills your image with light

itty bitty sun- bright and clean

pure- cool and bright, one of my favs

gray squirrel- adds just the right brightness spotlighting your subject, I love the bark colored tones it adds to the image

whisper- subtly adds red undertones and softly brightens

wool blanket- soft and sweet, great for newborn and indoor images

*designed and created for RAW files to be used with Adobe Lightroom*

*non-refundable due to the nature of the digital product, please choose wisely*

*not designed for Photoshop of Photoshop elements*



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