Preset Bundle for Lightroom –

I have always been dedicated to the poetic and the mysterious corners of things, and I’m far more interested in depth than surface area. And it turns out, I’m not alone.

So, when the time came to offer presets to the world, I knew I had to just keep on doing what I’ve always done. And jump into stormy waters. These presets and tools are for the ones who feel the fear but never let it stop them. The ones who cherish the imperfect and the brave; the low-key tones; the windblown hair, the muddy fingerprints, and the wrinkled hands.

To read more about my process, and why black + white, visit this blog post.

As a teacher for many years I have witnessed countless incredible stories remain hidden on hard drives due to lack of confidence. It is my deepest hope that this magical preset bundle helps set them free. Let’s make some waves with our truths! No more excuses.

The devil whispers, “You can’t handle the storm.” The warrior replies, “I am the storm.”




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