lxcn-02-4-of-71Loren X Chris Biography: I’m Chris Dunn, a wedding/portrait photographer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I shoot alongside Loren, my beautiful girlfriend of seven years, and together we are Loren X Chris. I’m completely self-taught and think most people should be. For me the struggle of learning is part of what makes me passionate about what I do. I shoot weddings because I’m a firm believer in the institution. Not so much the “will you obey” or “who gives this woman” crap, but the joining of two lives and the journey they embark upon together. The connections we make with our clients and the vicarious moments we experience make this, for me, the best job on the planet.

Loren X Chris (LXCN) Preset Background: LXC has always been about achieving consistent results on a variety of photography, and this set is no different. LXCN gives you a modern refined look, while maintaining the things you love about LXC. Subtle tones, pale greens, rich skin tones, and most of all a simple aesthetic that lets your work breath. A classic set for the modern portrait photographer.


There are 6 Presets in this set, each with 2 variations.

H=HARDEN – Images are given a boost in detail and highlight clarity.
S=SOFTEN – Highlights are squashed and detail reduced to give images a filmic glow.
M=MODERN – Curve adjusted to create even tonality throughout the gray scale along with boosted detail.
V=VINTAGE – Heavy decrease in contrast along with softer highlights and heavy grain.

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