– Film Emulsion Lightroom Presets

For Adobe Lightroom 6 (CC), 5 & 4. and ACR Presets for Photoshop CC & CS6.

Throughout our journey with photography we have nurtured a deep love for the subtle beauty, grain, and richness achieved when shooting film. Taking inspiration from some of our favorite film stocks including Fuji 400H, Fuji 800Z, Kodak Portra 160|400|800, Illford XP2 and 3200, we have created these timeless presets.

The Film Emulsion Lightroom Presets (v2.0) include 8 B&W, 11 Color and 15 Adjustment Presets. They are based on the Camera Standard Calibration profile and designed to work with Canon and Nikon files. Our presets are flexible, allowing you to enhance and achieve beautiful film-inspired edits using both RAW and JPG files.

By simply clicking through this set you’ll find a variety of color and black and white options to suit your needs and give your images a film-like look. Whether you’re a hybrid shooter seeking a preset to match your digital images and film work, or you simply wish to enhance your photographs with the richness of film-inspired presets, the Film Emulsion set will fulfill that need. We have also included a set of Film Emulsion Adjustments allowing you the option to quickly add contrast, increase or decrease the amount of grain, adjust your exposure, and adjust the color temperature.

With a desire to create subtle presets which would stand the test of time and add the same classic enhancements found while shooting with film we developed the Film Emulsion Lightroom Presets (v2.0) – by photographers, for photographers.



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