Vintage Signature Series Actions Pse And Ps

Product Details
Compatible with: Photoshop CS4+, PSE 11+
Items included: 71 Photoshop Actions
This set of Photoshop actions allows you to create a customized vintage effect for your photos. It uses stackable actions for added versatility and flexibility. There are 20 base effects that will serve as the foundation of your photo effect, and then there are also many actions for making adjustments that will allow you to get the perfect look for your photos. (The base effects can also be used on their own with no other adjustments.) The “run all” actions will run all of the actions in different categories, and then you can easily experiment by showing and hiding different layers to get just the right look. The end result is that these actions will work well with a much greater variety of photos than any one-click actions, and you can very quickly get the perfect look for your photo without needing to make manual tweaks or customizations. Watch the video below to see how the Vintage Signature Series Photoshop Actions work.

These actions are compatible with Photoshop versions CS4 and later, as well as with Photoshop Elements versions 11 and later. The Elements version does not include the “apply all” action due to PSE’s limited functionality with layer folders/groups.

What are “Signature Series” Photoshop actions? All of the actions in our signature series use stackable effects to give you more flexibility and customization options as compared to standard one-click actions. With them you will be able to get precisely the right look for your photo.

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