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Are you a keen photographer looking to make some extra money from your skills? Maybe you like the idea of becoming the boss of your own photography business?

If this sounds like your perfect plan, then you need to fully understand exactly what you’re letting yourself in for! I can say this because I’ve been a successful professional photographer for over 20 years.

Making money from photography is not easy!

I’m not trying to sound sensationalist or be negative but unfortunately this is the truth. Many money making dreams and new photography businesses simply never make it past the first few months. Believe it or not, the reason for these failures isn’t down to photography ability!

That’s right – you could be an extremely talented photographer but if you don’t learn and implement the correct key business skills then you too could be heading for a very costly and time consuming episode of your life.

OK, let’s not waste time – How can you make money from photography?

Like I said, the key to photography success is not about luck or hope and unfortunately, it’s not just about how good your photography is. To become your own boss and master making money with your photographs, there are fundamental business and marketing skills that you need to master.

You need to know 5 essential skills and discover the answers to 3 very important business questions. Armed with this vital knowledge you dramatically increase your chance of success. The in-depth videos in this course will provide you with everything you need to understand and master these crucial skills.

How much do I charge for my commercial photography?

That’s right, I’m going to tell you exactly what I charge clients so you can gauge how much to charge for your photography. Professional photographers tend to be very secretive when it comes to this kind of information, however in this course I reveal everything. Amongst the many bonuses this course includes, I will provide you with a comprehensive professional photography pricing calculator. Just these bonus documents alone are worth more than the cost of this course.

Which areas of photography can earn you the most money?

In this course we cover different routes into professional photography. Whether it’s weddings, portraits, or commercial photography the knowledge and workflow that I teach will ensure you meet your client’s expectations and continue to win work in the future.

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