Masters of Wedding Photography 2 by Jerry Ghionis

Two years after the release of the first, Masters of Wedding Photography, we find ourselves gathering film cameras, lenses and other kit, stuffing gear into flight cases and checking in at the first of a plethora of airports: we’re off again!

Masters of Wedding PhotographyExcited to be involved in another project whose subject is close to our hearts, the conversation is once again; about, “photography”, and those that do it well. Of course, we had since met most of the participants that we had invited to join the ranks of those that made it to the first film. We met them during the filming of the first, Masters of Wedding Photography”. Met them in Australia or at the WPPI in Vegas in 2005. Met them in the UK during seminars from 2005-2006. Dozens of photographers had approached us to express an interest in the next film we would invariably make. Good photographers, some great photographers and we had a job narrowing it all down to five or six. We considered what those would bring to this new film and tried our best to be subjective.
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