– Introduction to Cinematic Portraiture

Introduction-to-Cinematic-PortraitureHis passion for art and never-ending energy have catapulted Von Wong into the public eye with iconic, powerful photographs that can only be described as epic.

For the first-time ever, you can be a fly on the wall and watch the entire process from start to finish. Join Ben on location for the day as he shoots 3 images. Then we will head into the studio and watch him create a piece of art from each of the shoots. Watch over Von Wong’s shoulder and see exactly how he works in Photoshop and does his retouching.

If all this isn’t enough, hang out and listen to Von Wong talk about his story, his adventures and his advice to you. This inspiring video will motivate you to step up your photography and break out of your comfort zone. Why be ordinary, when the extraordinary is awaiting. If you have been waiting for permission to follow your dreams, this is it!



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